Use OPIE without PAM

Alexander Kriegisch Alexander at
Fri Jul 27 01:05:07 WST 2007

I am looking for a cheap way of using OPIE (One-time Passwords In
Everything) with dropbear on my WLAN/DSL router (mipsel platform). That
is, I would like to use it without PAM (Pluggable Authentication
Modules) but rather by delegating user/pw login to opielogin. It works
like this with my BusyBox telnetd. Neither am I a Dropbear expert nor do
I know how user/pw authentication is done in dropbear - obviously not by
delegating to /bin/login. Can anybody provide a patch for Dropbear so it
uses opielogin directly? Getting PAM up and running on my box is harder
than I thought because of issues which would be off-topic here, and
saving flash and RAM space is also important, so I would prefer a cheap

Any ideas are welcome. Regards
Alexander Kriegisch

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