Dropbear 0.50 release

Matt Johnston matt at ucc.asn.au
Thu Aug 9 00:08:58 WST 2007


Dropbear 0.50 is released. It has a few small features and a
few bugfixes. The most significant improvement is probably
the network performance.


0.50 - Wed 8 August 2007

- Add DROPBEAR_PASSWORD environment variable to specify a dbclient password

- Use /dev/urandom by default, since that's what everyone does anyway

- Correct vfork() use for uClinux in scp
  (thanks to Alex Landau)

- Exit with an exit code of 1 if dropbear can't bind to any ports
  (thanks to Nicolai Ehemann)

- Improve network performance and add a -W <receive_window> argument for
  adjusting the tradeoff between network performance and memory consumption.

- Fix a problem where reply packets could be sent during key exchange,
  in violation of the SSH spec. This could manifest itself with connections
  being terminated after 8 hours with new TCP-forward connections being

- Add -K <keepalive_time> argument, ensuring that data is transmitted
  over the connection at least every N seconds.

- dropbearkey will no longer generate DSS keys of sizes other than 1024
  bits, as required by the DSS specification. (Other sizes are still
  accepted for use to provide backwards compatibility).

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