one more question about dropbear and winscp

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Mon Jan 12 23:40:41 WST 2009

  sorry for still whinging on about scp clients connecting to dropbear
but i'm by no means a windows expert so i just want to finish this
configuration and i'll be good to go.

  thus far, i have an XP system with putty, through which i've ssh'ed
to my embedded system running dropbear, so we can safely assume the
RSA keys have been generated.  the first question is -- where would i
find the private key on my XP system?

  i ask since the first time i try to winSCP to that same embedded
system, i need to enter:

  * host name
  * port number (22 of course)
  * username and password (got that, ready to go)
  * private key file

so where is that last one?  i'm assuming it's on this system
*somewhere*, i just don't know where.  thanks.


p.s.  i'm also asked for the file protocol, where the default is SFTP.
is there some reason i shouldn't just switch back to straight SCP for
that?  and is there anything else on the dropbear end i might have to

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