dropbear gatewayports ?\!

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Sun Jan 18 01:18:00 WST 2009

Hi to all
I administrate about 100 busybox set top box. To communicate with the set top box, i installed dropbear on ubuntu 7.10 so it is used as a relay for rewerse tunneling...
I made a cron script on the set top boxes to connect to a http serwer,download and read a flag to make rewerse tunnel using dropbear on the set top box to my ubuntu PC ( also using dropbear).
All works fine but local only... ssh -p(user port) root at localhost works fine
If i try to connect to ssh -p(user port) root at UBUNTU_IP connecxion is refused
I read something about setting the gatewayports and that dropbear -a would probably fix this but i can't make it work...
Where do i set gatewayports for dropbear in ubuntu or how do i make my serwer public ?! 


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