SSH not disconnecting for non-root user

Jesse Jarzynka denisesballs at
Wed Mar 10 23:35:06 WST 2010

Hello all,

First post, but hoping maybe you guys can help. I'm sure you know VMware 
ESXi server uses dropbear as an SSH server. I'm having an issue where 
any non-root user I create on the system is not disconnecting properly. 
If I ssh in as the root user, and type "exit" or scp a file, it 
completes fine. If I ssh in as the non-root user I create, and type 
"exit" or scp a file, it just hangs there forever after completing. This 
is a problem because I'm making a script to scp a file off the server 
regularly as the non-root user and it's just hanging after completing. 
Another odd thing is that if I use the SSH shortcut "~." it does exit 
cleanly. Not sure if maybe something is trying to run on exit? The 
non-root user has write access to it's home directory and everything so 
I'm not sure where to look. Any ideas? Here is the line in 
/etc/inetd.conf that starts the daemon:

ssh    stream    tcp    nowait    root    /sbin/dropbearmulti    
dropbear  ++min=0,swap,group=shell -i -K60

Thanks, Jesse

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