SSH not disconnecting for non-root user

Ian Wienand ianw at
Thu Mar 11 04:05:54 WST 2010


This list isn't a good place to ask VMware questions.

In general, on ESXi ssh login is not supported.  non-root ssh login is
even more not supported :)

Drop me a private mail with what version you're using and some more
details about where you're copying to, I'll take a quick look


Jesse Jarzynka wrote:
> Hello all,
> First post, but hoping maybe you guys can help. I'm sure you know VMware 
> ESXi server uses dropbear as an SSH server. I'm having an issue where 
> any non-root user I create on the system is not disconnecting properly. 
> If I ssh in as the root user, and type "exit" or scp a file, it 
> completes fine. If I ssh in as the non-root user I create, and type 
> "exit" or scp a file, it just hangs there forever after completing. This 
> is a problem because I'm making a script to scp a file off the server 
> regularly as the non-root user and it's just hanging after completing. 
> Another odd thing is that if I use the SSH shortcut "~." it does exit 
> cleanly. Not sure if maybe something is trying to run on exit? The 
> non-root user has write access to it's home directory and everything so 
> I'm not sure where to look. Any ideas? Here is the line in 
> /etc/inetd.conf that starts the daemon:
> ssh    stream    tcp    nowait    root    /sbin/dropbearmulti    
> dropbear  ++min=0,swap,group=shell -i -K60
> Thanks, Jesse

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