[Opendispense] UART 16550 code

Bernard Blackham bernard@blackham.com.au
Tue Aug 12 08:20:09 2003

Hi all,

I think I've more or less put in place all the code necessary for
talking to the coin mech, the motors, display and keypad. Albeit,
all of it is untested, and could do with some thorough checking
before we burn it (I will soon).

Meanwhile, I've been thinking of how to go about using a 16550 on
the board. Before I go out writing the code to drive it, does
anybody have experience along these lines? Or any GPL'd code that
could be copied across (eg, drivers/char/serial.c from a linux
source tree, but much simpler)?

>From the looks of it, it wouldn't be too hard to write a driver from
scratch, but seems like it'd be reinventing the wheel.



 Bernard Blackham 
 bernard at blackham dot com dot au