[tech] 9G wide scsi drives

Duncan Sargeant dunc at rcpt.to
Wed Apr 5 15:28:12 WST 2000

David Manchester wrote on Wed April 05, at 15:19 +0800:
> > IBM Ultrastar 18ES (7.0ms Ultra2 SCSI)			$395
> > Seagate ST39236LW Barracuda 18XL (5.8ms Ultra160 SCSI)	$405
> > Both are: 72000rpm, 3.5", 68pin, with 2meg cache, 5 year warranty.
> > 
> > My vote's with the Barracuda.
> Either/or. My IBMs are quiet, fast and remain cool.
> My 'cudas are loud, fast and warm.

Well, UCS's new ST39236LW just arrived, so I'll pop it in a test box to
run tonight and I'll see how warm it is by the committee meeting
tomorrow :-)

Duncan Sargeant
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