[tech] Bizarre network problem

Grahame Bowland gbowland at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Sat Apr 8 19:39:46 WST 2000


Can anyone tell me what I should do about this problem? My computer 
has a Netgear tulip card. From the machine I can ping other boxes 
on our network, but they can't ping me. I can also watch traffic 
going past when in promiscuous mode.

The link light on the hub (for the socket I'm plugged into) doesn't 
turn on. It does (briefly) if I ping something, but not otherwise. 
For the other machines, including another with the same network card, the 
light is constantly on.

We just ran a cable tester over the blue cable and it seems fine. Is 
there anyone out there that has seen this before?


Grahame Bowland

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