[tech] Re: [hwc] Re: 4 32mb 128mb kit, FPM, Parity, 72pin Simms (item #302154553)

Jean-Paul Blaquiere japester at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Fri Apr 14 19:48:55 WST 2000

> On Apr 14, David Manchester scrawled :

> > You were the high bidder
> > Please send me your address so I can calculate shipping
> Hi Harry - I'm in Australia, so either we need to calculate
> shipping to Western Australia - if you would be able to ship
> it here, OR I'll have to contact an associate in the US, if
> you will only ship trans-US.
> What would you like to do?
this is very good.  :)  ram for morwong? or the other alphas?
btw, how much were they?

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