[tech] morwong - pt1

Jean-Paul Blaquiere japester at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Mon Apr 17 09:29:49 WST 2000

> On Apr 17, Nick Bannon scrawled :

> Astoundingly enough, the best course of action is usually to read the
> README file (which will point you at the INSTALL file (which will tell
> you how to set configure options and flags)) as well as any more specific
> README files. "configure --help" is _less_ likely than that to give any
> targetted help.
yes, that too.  but the times that I have had to give extra flags to
configure, I have read all 3.  the configure --help option was easiest because
it had all the options concisely contained in 2 pages of info, rather than 8
or so pages of detailed explanation.  (i'm talking mutt and gcc).  I guess
taht unless you know specifically what you are looking for the INSTALL file is
the best first place to go.

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