[tech] morwong - pt2

David Manchester mustang at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Mon Apr 17 10:36:36 WST 2000

> > I've been reading. There's lots and lots of -stuff- that we want to install
> > and configure & its a hell of a lot easier to do from scratch.
> Okay. I suggest we pick a day, and try to blitz all of the problems 
> we have at the moment with the machines. We should go to every 
> machine, in logical order, and make sure that users can access and 
> use it.

Mmm, not a bad idea, except I'm only available on weekends...
who's going to Swancon and who's staying?

> At the same time we can clean install morwong, then recompile and 
> install all the useful programs. We can also make the dumb terms 
> work again.

Yup. I have mapped out a battleplan that I would really like to show
you, Grahame... I'll contact you privately.

> I'll be there  - I really want to see the magic DEC stuff 
> working - when's good?

I'd like to get started this weekend, if we've got the drive.

Dunc - if you're listening, did UCS get the Tru64 documentaion set too?
There's some reference to manuals that I'd like to read that I found
in the DU4.0 Sysadmin stuff.

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