[tech] AdvFS

Duncan Sargeant dunc at rcpt.to
Tue Apr 18 13:25:58 WST 2000

Grahame Bowland wrote on Tue April 18, at 12:48 +0800:
> We definitely want AdvFS on morwong for the new /home.
> Anyway, we can use AdvFS with the base Tru64 distribution. But 
> the nice GUI and utilities so that we can add new volumes on the 
> fly are seperately licensed. We need a license for "AdvFS Utilites" 
> apparently.
> Anyone know where we can get one, or should I contact UCS?

lmf list | grep ADV

,dunc ... using morwong for the first time.  Mmmm, fast DU.  How novel.
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