[tech] Post-cleanup notes

Alex Dawson alex.dawson at uwa.edu.au
Tue Jul 31 09:06:55 WST 2007

Just to clarify, the Lucent AP was "donated" by me, not Arts. It's an  
ex-Library SNAP AP I obtained in a bulk lot I bought off them for $20.

I'm heading into Altronics on thursday night, so I'll pick up some  
new caps then.

On 31/07/2007, at 12:48 AM, James Andrewartha wrote:

> Manbo has been upgraded to Solaris Express b69. This means  
> passwords work
> for login again, and there might be some performance improvements 
> [1] from
> using a separate ZFS intent log on the A1000 with battery-backed  
> cache.
> I was upgrading flying to Etch, but I managed to make it  
> unbootable, and
> the hermesap patch is only for Linux 2.4. So I pulled out the  
> Lucent card
> and stuck it in one of the Lucent APs donated by Arts, and have  
> stuck the
> video capture card into maroon.
> Alex and I disassembled the LCDs with broken PSUs, the same  
> capacitor (a
> 35V 1000uF electrolytic) was blown in each. So it should be fairly  
> easy to
> fix them.

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