[tech] Ubiquiti product demonstration night at UCC

Mitch Kelly mitch at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Tue Feb 9 17:48:13 WST 2010

Hi Everyone,


Rob from freenet-antennas.com.au will be doing a presentation on Ubiquiti
products on the 26th February in the Cameron hall loft from 6:00PM till
8:00PM. Everyone is welcome but I do ask you RSVP to the event so we are
able to confirm numbers and organize space for it.


Some products on display and demonstration are:


Routerstation/RS Pro

Nanostation LoCo

Bullett Radios


And many more.


Pizza will be eaten after the presentation, Most likely Broadway pizza,
Please bring $10 for Pizza if you wish to eat.


Hope to see you all there.


RSVP to mitch at ucc.asn.au


Mitch Kelly

UCC Wheel Member

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