[tech] Linux on Clubroom Desktops

Rufus Garton Smith rvvs89 at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Tue Jun 8 21:41:21 WST 2010

Hey all,

After getting frustrated with the poor user experience on the Linux 
desktop machine(s) in the clubroom, I have installed Kubuntu Lucid on 
cichlid, cephalopod and pinball. I also intend to install it on combtail 
and characid tomorrow, assuming they both have enough disk space.

User logins are working as well as they are on humpback, ie properly, with 
the exception of sudo. Wheel's root keys have also been added.

You may notice that the boot screen on these machines features 
considerably less purple than humpback, more blue, and an extra 'K' here 
and there. I consider this to be an improvement.


Rufus Garton Smith

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