[tech] Maaxen and Motsugo News

Bob Adamson bob at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Fri Jun 17 21:50:17 WST 2011

Due to a post-exam "I have done nothing but study all week" rage, some 
stuff got done today:

Maaxen has been moved from to, which means it is 
now on the clubroom vlan. This was done so that winadmins can be added to 
the administrators group. As far as I know, nothing has been broken but 
poke me if it does.

[FEL] kindly donated a stack of DDR3 ECC RAM to the club, allowing us to 
completely fill motsugo with 2GB sticks. This required a little downtime 
(where a few other things were fixed/broken too), but it now has 24GB of 
RAM. For some reason the new RAM wasn't compatible with the original 
stuff, so we did a complete switch and now have 12G of spare.

Andrew Adamson
UCC President
bob at ucc.asn.au

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