[tech] Gitlab maintenance

David Adam zanchey at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Sat May 18 16:19:39 AWST 2019

Thanks to [TEC] for reporting problems with his gitlab.ucc.asn.au account! 
I noted that all recently-created users were marked as "external", which 
prevents them from creating projects or groups, or accessing projects 
without being added to them directly.

I've added UCC emails to the regex that decides who is internal or not, 
and marked all existing accounts with UCC email addresses as internal.

I also cleaned up the 500ish spam accounts, which have been registered but 
have no activity (the external switch prevents them from doing much 
damage). This was very slow through the UI, but the Gitlab API is quite 
easy to drive from Python so I just used that.

The idea initially was to allow anyone outside UCC to create an account so 
that Gitlab is useful for (eg) student projects with non-UCC members. 
However with so many fake accounts being created I'm inclined to turn off 
external accounts entirely, or perhaps just whitelist UWA/UCC emails - any 

David Adam
UCC Wheel Member
[email protected]

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