[ucc-announce] Thank you to the cleaning team

Nick Rohrlach bers@ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Sat, 26 Oct 2002 16:51:36 +0800 (WST)

Next time you see any of the below people, thank them for doing such a
good job cleaning up your clubroom and your mess:

- susie
- matt
- nick
- grahame
- falstaff
- banana
- ianus
- penguin
- proxy
- maelkann
- alastair
- bers

(sorry if I missed you off the list).

An espeical thanks to Steph (penguin) who, with the aid of her minions
who moved the junk so it could be vaccummed under, vaccummed the entire
clubroom floor.

These people worked really hard last night to get it looking good.


 Nick "bers" Rohrlach [NRR]