[ucc-announce] UCC Reminders and things for Freshers

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Wed Mar 17 10:22:52 2004

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Greetings All,

It's occurred to me in the last three weeks there was a typo and some
omissions from the Fresher Guide, and on the website.

-- UCC AGM --

The UCC AGM is on Tuesday the 23rd of March at 13.00 hrs in the Guild
Meeting Room. This is during the common lunch hour, so everyone should
attend. There will be a troupe of people heading from the UCC to the
Guild Meeting Room just before then, if don't know where it is. For
those who get really lost, it's on the second floor of Guild Hall to
your right as you walk in the door.

Again, that date, Tuesday the 23rd of March.

-- Flame --

I forgot to mention Flame in the Fresher's Guide. For those of you who
don't know what flame is, have a look at:

-- Planet UCC --

This is a gratuitious plug for Planet UCC. There are lots of freshers,
and mid/old guard, who probably have blogs, but won't admit it to me. We
want you on Planet UCC.
Check it out at:
or email:

-- UCC::Lan --

Is coming up soon. Get people interested, more information soon.


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