[Unigames] The Pentable Auditions in Perth

Sarah Lewis 21301124 at student.uwa.edu.au
Tue Mar 31 10:49:54 AWST 2015

Hey hey, we got an email that we thought was relevant to interests; ie, WHO

"I am writing on behalf of The Pentable, a new web series that is seeking
improvisation actors to take part in an ongoing televised tabletop
roleplaying game. I have attached a flyer, and was wondering if it would be
possible for it to be emailed to your members that might be looking for
something to be involved in. We really want as many people who are
interested to have the opportunity to come along and audition. Any help you
could provide would be greatly appreciated."

Auditions need to be booked for the 11th of April, and are at 114 Onslow
Road Shenton Park. Filming will be at the same location. Email
thepentable at gmial.com

Good luck you geeks.

Sarah xxx

UniGames Pres
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