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Unigames Committee Meeting Minutes 30/3/2015

Sarah Lewis
Jake Alexander
Jen van den Avoort
Matthew Winslade
Donald Sutherland
Ryan Hall
Taylor Home

Ruisi Chen

Kieran Brown

Meeting opened: 2:00pm Sarah Lewis time


President Leia
-Things are happening

-Spoke to guild president about [Redacted]

-Bought an entire quiz night table

-Lots to talk about in Action items/Agenda

-Prosh is happening, I hope for all the Princess Leia’s

-I love you all

Vice President [RIP]

-Got JVBs “car” (One day I will be a real person)

-Fresher campaign turnouts were ):

-Freshers had legit reasons for not coming apparently

- Figure out that frep has to be in a fresher campaign, whoops

-Prosh is a thing and I hate everyone, especially mornings.

-Will be coming as slave princess Leia (Just kidding, no one wants to see



- Got a brand new 5th edition core rulebook for free to replace our
constantly breaking copy (Jen is the best)   (I'm not biased)

-Paid tactics back a silly amount of money

-Set up finance spreadsheet for better review of our monies, will be giving
in depth monthly recaps of our spending (Starting next week)

-Guild is slow, forever waiting for replies to emails about our account

-Prosh is a thing, will require so much coffee.


-Drowning in uni. Help.


-Quiz night almost done

- Still need to write questions, and get sponsor stuff

- Other news: nearly blew myself up in age of rebellion. Taylor, where were
you? (The one healer was absent….. oh no….)

-  “Won” rogue trader (I really don’t know what that means)

- Have lots of reports on other stuff

Fresh princess of Bel Leia

-QD board games last week was a success and the officers were happy, they
would like to do it again in the future

- too much casuals, too much cards against humanity

-Finished first game (so fresh) “What do I do on Wednedays now?”

-Figured out I have to be in a fresher campaign, So many campaigns
(Winslade – “Get on my level”)

-This takes it to a Running total of 5 campaigns (Winslade - “nevermind”)

-The freshers exist

-Signed up freshers at 9pm (well past their bedtime)

-Been talking to UCC/Unisfa freps – going to start organising Cameron hall
fresher events, Ideas - gladiators? Cats? Freshers vs. Cat rap battle. I’m
so down for this.

 *Action items/Agenda *(This is not my division. Don’t judge me)
Camp (Sarah/Jake):

-Is Progressing

-Also [Redacted]

Shirts (Sarah):

- On hold, other things to deal with

One shots (Kieran/Sarah):

- Rip in many Kierans

-Sarah will now deal with this

Mailing list:

- Guild has failed us again

-Have moved to UCC mailing list yay, hopefully will finally function

- unigames at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au is our new mailing list

- A Prosh email was sent out, it seems to be working? This seems to solve
our problems

-Sorry if you unsubscribed from our old one and were added to the new one,
life is hard.


Quiz Night (Winslade):

- Facebook event*s* are up, Facebook privacy settings are difficult, 3
separate pages was the “easiest solution” (the inefficiency is killing me).
Winslade gets so many notifications.

- Preliminary number of 40 tickets/club, will print off more when we become
sell outs

-Tickets are now available in the clubroom, $10 per ticket or $70 for a
table of 8

-Talked to usual sponsors on Unisfa sponsor crawl, everyone seems on board

-Wants to throw the most amount of money at Tactics, Winslade will talk to
other committees about money allocation for prizes

- Will be sending out official-looking emails this week after wording
approval of committee

-Quiz night questions are the next task, Assemble the MC/judge squad!

-Winslade, Jake, Blair, Jono, Jordy are judges/MC’s

Fresher campaigns (Jake):

-Lots of freshers did not turn up to first session (lots of apologies)

-Apparently the freshers were not prepared for study levels required for
uni (their future looks bright, they are actually studying/figuring out
their priorities)

-They will be reassigned if they can no longer do their allocated days

-Taylor needs to be put in a fresher campaign, this will happen.

Prosh (Jake):

-Jake is unqualified for the job (unsurprisingly)

- This however will not stop him (never has, never will)

meeting in CAMERON HALL at 4:45am, please come as an edgy Princess Leia

- Jake cannot wake up that early, will most likely stay awake all night.


Magic (Jen/Donald)

- First Dragons of Tarkir draft was held, people seemed to enjoy the new
drafting format.

-Too many people, too few packs #nevercrackapack

-Jen has sourced super cheap booster boxes, they are on the way. (5
dragons, 2 fate, 2 conspiracy) #totallylegitdeals #profit

-Bought drafting box of dragons/fate to tide us over until cheaper boxes

Learn to Play Magic

-Like last year, we can source free sample decks to teach people how to
play magic.

- We can make event of it. Tactics is keen to collaborate with us more

-We will wait til June/July for MTG Origins (such hype!) as new sample
decks will be provided to Tactics

Online game timetables (Ruisi):

-Waiting for fresher campaigns to start

Wargaming (Kieran):

- Rip in so, so many Kierans

GM panel (fRyan):

-First GM panel is on its way, official announcement will go up after Prosh.

-Everyone keeps trying to steal GM panel timeslot

-No one is called Ryan anymore, nicknames only. “If I can’t be Ryan, No one

Book Buy (Winslade):

-Postponed until after Quiz night

Croft droft (Winslade):

-We have so much Tomb Raider (Pretty much all of it in WA)

-We will crack the packs at some camp/vigil

-Will hold off until events are closer

Fridge (Erryone):

-Post-surgery, the fridge has been opened the wrong way 34 times

-We are pretty sure Cam and Cain are responsible for at least 1/3 of that

-The fridge handle is broken, has been fixed twice (Ty steven)

Swancon (Rowan):

-As per the regulation implemented last year, the Librarian is to go to
Swancon, we will pay for one day worth of ticket

- The purpose? To look at local board games/RPGs we will want to pick up in
the near future

- Winslade is to go on the weekend, and bring Jen the receipt to be

Recycling (Rowan/Sarah):

-Why do you all leave your pizza boxes for me to deal with?

- In incredible news, People managed to find Cameron hall!

-The Couch under the stairs is gross, we should put a recycling bin there

-We could get a Mechanical pizza box press? This goes against the idea of
safety safe. Also it is not very hard to disassemble a pizza box

- “If people lose their arms, they don’t deserve their arms”

 -Insert can puns-

Sarah to talk to other clubs about recycling in Cam hall

Clubroom (Sarah):


- Why is the floor so messy?

- Jake Jen’d out and swept the room this morning. (Ty)

-We can always borrow UCC’s stuff

-But seriously guys, I am not your mother, clean up after yourselves!

Cam Hall Ball (Rowan):

-Rowan suggested having the Tav as location (committee sighs)

-Hacket hall looks way classier, but the Tav is more accessible

- The Lazy nerds win.

- Rowan to revise EMP for venue

-Date: after camp? Week 12/13 weekend?

-Rowan to deal with (This is your problem now)

-Unigames keen to do poker

Kickstarter (Rowan):

- (Rowan isn’t even here, how are so many of these things his?)

-Rowan has suggested we invest in a kickstarter

-Internet is difficult, we will assess it separately and discuss it on

St. Cat’s board games night (Sarah):

- “There will be snacks” Ok, Now I’m listening.

-Sarah told them we are keen, hopefully there will less casuals than
previous board games nights.

-Date: April 15th? 16th? This may interfere with GM panel. (Sorry fRyan)

-They want to take out games overnight. This is ok, we will get one of them
to sign them out as per usual library procedure

Enviro email (Sarah):

- We got an email something something meeting about the environment (Shrug,
I skimmed it)

-  If people want to go to environment things, go ahead.

-  Not my division.

Email from Pentable (Sarah):

- “Improv actors wanted for a filmed tabletop rpg happening over several

-This seems like fun if anyone is interested.

-Auditions are 11th “in perth”

-Jen to post to facebook group about this once we have more information.

Relay for life money goal (Sarah):

-Sarah to ask Unisfa what their goal usually is (We cannot let them win)

- $1500 is a rough estimate of our goal

-Let’s do the sports!

Rowan France:

-Rowan’s membership is suspended, he is not allowed to come to club events
or use club materials

-To be reviewed at next general meeting.

-Number of times [Redacted] is [Redacted] because of [Redacted]: [Redacted]

-  #[Redacted]2k15


- Jake has deferred from uni and will be standing down as VP for Unigames.

- We could: Boost OCM to VP and elect a new OCM or have Jake continue for 2
weeks and call an SGM to elect new VP

-None of the OCM’s want to/have time to be the VP

·         ***IMPORTANT NEWS**** Unigames will hold an SGM in two weeks on
WEDNESDAY 15th APRIL at 1PM to elect a new VP.


-Frames nominated for life membership by Jake, seconded by Jen.

-Will add to SGM Agenda

Action items:
Sarah: organise one shot, talk to other clubs about recycling in Cam hall,
Ask unisfa about Relay for life goals
Jake: fresher campaigns [RIP]
Jen: organise cheap magic products (toteslegit), post about Pentable when
we have more info
Ruisi: to talk to gatekeepers about quiz night tickets, figure out timetable
Winslade: talk to other clubs about money allocation for prizes, organise
quiz questions, do sponsor emails, go to Swancon
fRyan: update mailing list on websites, GM panel
Donald: magic stuff
Kieran: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Taylor: stay fresh
Rowan: to revise cam hall ball EMP (venue and date)

Ending meeting 3:21 Sarah time.

*Jen van den Avoort*
Unigames Treasurer 2015
"Everything is spaghetti"
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