[Unigames] UniGames Ordinary General Meeting

Ruisi Chen 21487925 at student.uwa.edu.au
Tue Aug 2 08:16:12 AWST 2016

Welcome back to Semester 2!

This is just an email letting you all know that Unigames will be having
it's Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) on* Thursday the 11th of August, 12PM -
2PM, in the Guild Council Meeting room*.

This is the room we hold our AGM's at the beginning of the year, but if
you're not sure where it is - come to the Unigames clubroom ~15 minutes
before the meeting and join in the mass migration.

Please keep an eye out for the OGM agenda (coming soon!)

Hope to see you all there,
Ruisi Chen
UniGames President 2015
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