[Unigames] Unigames OGM Agenda

Ruisi Chen 21487925 at student.uwa.edu.au
Mon Aug 8 17:21:08 AWST 2016

Hi all,

Attached is the agenda to our upcoming OGM.


Unigames Ordinary General Meeting

11th August 2016, 12PM – 2PM Guild Council Meeting Room


1.       Reports

a.       President

b.      Vice President

c.       Treasurer

d.      Secretary

e.      Librarian

f.        Fresher Rep

2.       Vote to confirm committee reshuffle

a.       Donald Sutherland stepped down from Secretary to OCM, Liam Spence
moves from OCM to Secretary

3.       Discuss Proxy Votes for the Annual General Meeting

4.       Vote for discussed constitutional changes

a.       Option 1: (The current wording in the constitution)

6.4 The election of the offices and Committee of Unigames shall be

6.4.1 By optional preferential ballot for each office

6.4.2 Only financial members of Unigames may nominate, vote, or be nominated

b.      Option 2: (Ban Proxy Votes)

6.4.3 No form of absentee voting is permitted in this election

c.       Option 3: (Regulate Proxy Votes)

6.4.3 Absentee votes are only accepted in the form of explicit instructions
on who to vote for (sometimes called postal votes)

6.4.4 Freshers are forbidden from absentee voting

6.4.5 Absentee votes do not count as attendees for the purpose of meeting

5.       General Business


Kind regards,

Ruisi Chen

Unigames President 2016
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