[Unigames] ACTUAL final election list

Liam Spence 21929428 at student.uwa.edu.au
Thu Mar 2 22:43:22 AWST 2017

Hey folks, sorry about the last incomplete list, it accidentally got sent
through before the final names were put on and i do apologize for that.
Below is listed the current final election list for the AGM tomorrow.
Remember you can still be nominated/nominate people on the day, these are
just people who have announced that they are running.

Taylor Home

Gavin Tay Fernandez
Donald Sutherland​
Laird Liam Spence​

Benjamin Slusarczyk
Taylor Home

Gavin Tay Fernandez
Donald Sutherland

Edward Kammann
Donald Sutherland

Nowar Koning​
Joshua Moncaster
Emily Schofield​
Fern Williams​
Angus Warman

*OCMs *
Tom Handley
Jake Neilson
Benjamin Slusarczyk
Donald Sutherland
Gavin Tay Fernandez
Edward Kammann​
Alaura Evans​
Yasomatinandana Fisher​
Laird Liam Spence
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