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Unigames Committee Meeting 7th March 2017













No Absences

No Apologies

Meeting Opened at 11:10



- President

-  aaaaah. Who’s idea was this. (Mine)

-   Doing things.

-   We’re moving this weekend!

- Vice President

- Been like four days, haven’t done much

- Talking to chess club, need to figure out what games you’ll provide. They
are keen. LARP stuff will start after other elections

- Treasurer

-  $810 in the box, $550 of which deposited today. Also $45 in coins

-  498.90 worth of food stock. Made of 501 individual items

-  Money in yellow box was $60.30

- O day grants done, 166 people signed up on O-Day or before. Max money we
could get was $333.

> Account balance


   $3254.13 Account balance

- Secretary

- Secretary folders needs organising and editing and purging.

- Will get another folder for 2016 forms.

> Action Taylor bring in Lever Arch Files


   24 more members form this time last year


   Backlog of sign ups done

- Librarian

- We have a request for splat buy from within committee (discussed below)

- Not much has happened - library is ready to be moved. That will be next
big thing

> Overdue resources

- New thing this year, we list what’s overdue

- Give a heads up for things we need to bring back.

- Age of the Empire out and overdue (Sarah Lewis)

- Four more entries have been returned, but haven’t been signed back in.
This needs to be pushed.

- Fresher Rep

- I changed a fresher’s details on the fresher campaign.

- I’ve been nice.

- Freshers are alive.

The Usual Suspects

- Oneshots

- Tom Handley up for organising many Oneshot evenings. Tom to be in charge
of this for the semester.

- Do we want to pick a date.

- Dungeons and Dragons good to start with. We could pre-gen a heap of

- Tom can do Tuesday-Thursday. Will attempt to happen next week, if not
then week after.

- Tom to do campaign week 4.

- Need to have 5 GMs lined up minimum.

- Boardgames

- Edward to do board games on Oak Lawn. Small EMP will be fine.

- Edward to do board games night week 3

- Magic the Gathering

- Alaura to learn about committee management of Magic.

- For Magic Draft: Monday seemed to be the most popular, but logistics need
to be worked out for that. Donald unavailable but possibly Alaura could
run? Stay tuned kids.

- Alaura wishes to run intro things for Magic the Gathering. Been ages
since we did that so we probably should.

- Two giant boxes full of cards should probably be sorted and dealt with.
Too many lands.

> Alaura to sort giant boxes of Magic cards.

- Wargames

- Big wargame campaign currently running

- Will be looking into round robin when that finishes.


- Club Carnival

- Happening now.

- Prosh

- Theme is Star Wars.

- Cameron Hall theme proposed to be Robots.

- UWAnime proposes a Marshal.

- Marshal role: in charge of making sure all of the group are obeying the
rules as well as making sure we have enough papers.

- Go to a training session (Friday?) for move.

> Alaura to Marshal.

- Quiz Night

- Need new committees to appear

- Want to look at picking a week to do for an idea for how long we’ve got.

- Taylor and Ben wanted to run quiz night.

- No need for specific Unigames fresher table.

- Potentially have it week 10, unless we have it really soon (like week 6).

- Penciled in trying to get Friday 12th of May as potential date for Quiz

- Will wait for other committees before we take care of that.

- Chess Club Collaboration

-  Send it off to them. Want to do an average to figure out the winner.
Want to have another prize to whoever individually wins. Should be allowed
to turn against your own club.

- Could do potential for best points from Unigames style games and best
player from strategic games.

- We should have a dumb trophy with Unigames.

- Climax of game; wizard chess?

- Timeline: maybe in a month? Just before study break?

- Camp


Fresher Campaigns


   They’ve been organised.

   People will contacted today after Club Carnival.

   Given until first thing Monday to get back to me, otherwise we’ll start
   replacing them.



   Anybody want to learn things about their job?

   EMP to be explained to OCMs.

   People to be shown how to do EMP after Club Carnival

Room Update


   We’re moving.

   Will put up an event over the weekend where we move next door.

   Secured a car to take care of this.

   We can’t move a bookcase in there until we’ve got stuff off the wall

   Already talked to Coders for Causes to keep library in if we need to

   Probably Sunday’s job to go to IKEA but we’ll have to play it by ear.

   Couch can’t happen anymore; got left outside in the storm.

   Tom offers potted plant. Not in a pot yet.

   Get in there as soon as possible to deal with the carpet.

   We need shelves from IKEA. We want nice new book shelves. We’re moving
   into a new room, Taylor would like it to actually be new.

Gatekeeper Applications


   ALL REDACTED. (It’s private).

   Congratulations to the following people accepted on gatekeeper.
   Unaccepted applicants are allowed to reply at a later date.

   André Strydom

   Jack Kay

   Stuart Paton

   Steven Correia

   Cam Locke

   Matt Winslade

   Sarah Lewis

   Szymon Zieba

General Business


   Splat Buys

   Numenera new game wishes to be splat by Liam Spence. $40 and can get it
   mailed to Woolworths. $20 if it gets Splat Buy.

   Not sketchy, is legitimately cheap. It’s just on special.

   Handley wants to buy 5e Expansion

   Storm King’s Thunder. 40 Sessions, 10 levels worth of adventures.

   $60 from Tactics; after discount $51. $25.50 for the club.

   It has Yak folk. Everybody sold.

   Both Splat Buys approved.

   Missing People on Database

   Ben: If somebody comes in and somebody’s on the database but are adamant
   they signed up and paid their money, what is our official stance?

   Potential solutions: ask when they signed up and who signed you up

   Can ask if there’s a backlog for people to ask to come back another day.
   Post on Gatekeeper page if anybody remembers signing up the guy.

   Basically do it on a case by case basis.

Meeting Closed 12:12
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