[Unigames] Unigames is moving this weekend!

Gavin Tay Fernandez 21979092 at student.uwa.edu.au
Thu Mar 9 15:59:12 AWST 2017

Hey Unigames members,

Unigames is finally moving this weekend, and we're going to need
everybody's help to make sure it runs smoothly. For the weekend starting at
5pm on Friday the 10th of March we'll be moving our things out from the
original clubroom into the room previously occupied by UDS.

Jobs will include removing the carpet and built in desks, moving large
pieces of furniture, cleaning, etc. so additional hands will be much
appreciated. If you have any carpet removing equipment (or experience),
feel free to bring it.

Link to the Facebook page here:

Hope to see you guys down there helping!
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