[Unigames] Ordinary General Meeting Agenda

Taylor Home loralogue at gmail.com
Tue May 2 15:49:54 AWST 2017

Hi everyone,

Unigames will be holding an OGM on Tuesday, May 9th at 1pm in the Guild
Council Meeting Room. This is on the 3rd floor of Guild, above the CCZ. If
you're not sure how to get there, come to the clubroom at 1.45pm and we'll
show you.

1. Reports
1.1 President
1.2 Vice President
1.3 Treasurer
1.4 Secretary
1.5 Librarian
1.6 Fresher Rep
1.7 OCMs
2. Constitutional Changes
2.1 Discussion time
2.2 Voting
3. General Business

Here is a link to the proposed constitutional changes:

The most important thing we'll be looking at is changing 6.5.2. Aside from
that there are a bunch of grammatical things that have been fixed and the
other relevant parts are most of section 6, removing 7.2, and bringing 2.1,
4.5, 4.6, and 12.1.1 in line with current Guild and SOC rules.

You can view the event on facebook here:

Hope to see you there,

Taylor Home
Unigames President 2017
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