[Unigames] Unigames Weekly Update - 2nd September

Donald Sutherland donald at sutherland.id.au
Mon Sep 2 17:48:01 AWST 2019


Welcome to another Unigames Weekly Update!

Today's committee meeting minutes can be found here
As usual, they are also attached to this email, and you can view the full
minute archive here <https://unigames.ucc.asn.au/minutes.php>.

*Upcoming events*!

   - Ordinary General Meeting - 10th September @ 1pm
   We are hosting a Ordinary General Meeting to pass some constitutional
   changes and to discuss a few things.
   The full agenda can be found here, and below:
   If you wish to add any items to the agenda or submit absentee votes,
   please email them to me (donald at sutherland.id.au).
   - Roleplay for Life - 14th-15th September
   RPGs for 24 hours to raise money for our Relay for Life team! Join RPGs,
   and donate to get in-game benefits!
   More details to come very soon!
   - Charity Vigil - 28th-29th September
   Unrelated to our Relay for Life fundraising, we continue the tradition
   of staying up late for charity! We will be supporting the UWA Student Guild
   Food Pantry, an essential service here at UWA.
   More details to come very soon!
   - MtG: Throne of Eldraine Prerelease - 29th September
   Arthurian Camelot meets Grimms' Fairy Tales in the magic world of
   Eldraine, Magic's latest expansion! Play in a four round sealed tournament
   for prizes a week before the set officially launches!
   More details to come soon.

*Ordinary General Meeting Agenda*
In a bit over a week's time (10th September), we are holding an Ordinary
General Meeting in the Guild Council meeting room at 1PM.

The current agenda is as follows:

   - Committee reports
   - The suspension of James Blacker
   - Proposed constitutional changes:
   - Add an extra OCM to committee (view
   - Allow a General Meeting to remove life members, and allow life members
   to resign (view
   - A whole bunch of other miscellaneous changes (view
   - The election of any vacant committee positions.
   - If the relevant constitutional amendment passes, motion to elect a
   fourth OCM with the understand that they will be added to committee once
   SOC approves any constitutional changes.
   - General Business

If you would like to propose more constitutional changes, the deadline to
do so is the 6th of September.
If you would like to propose any constitutional changes, or add any items
to the agenda, please email me (donald at sutherland.id.au)

Thanks for reading everyone, hope you have a great week!

Be nice, roll dice!
- Donald Sutherland
Unigames Secretary 2019
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