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Joseph Brough (21970498) 21970498 at student.uwa.edu.au
Wed Mar 11 14:37:54 AWST 2020

Hi everyone!

I'm so pleased to introduce myself as Autumn, your new Unigames secretary for 2020. Expect to hear plenty from me over the coming months as I'll be handling our email channels and various other spymaster activities. And, boy, has some fun stuff already happened this year, and do we have some fun stuff lined up for the near future.

We held our Annual General Meeting on 28/2! Congratulations to our new committee:

  *   President: Alistair Langton
  *   Vice President: Taylor Home
  *   Treasurer: Jackie Shan
  *   Secretary: Autumn Brough
  *   Librarian: Emerald Aindow
  *   Fresher Rep: Alice Rosario
  *   OCMs: Ash Saringer, Josh Moncaster, Gwen Sellner, Kyle Barrow

We also recently enjoyed our Fresher Welcome board games night and D&D Oneshot night.

Additionally, our fresher campaigns are crystallising! These are a seriously fun chance to get in a game and make some new friends (for real, this is from experience). If you're keen then please register your interest here: https://forms.gle/eZ9RTamyyx2CyuUp8<https://forms.gle/eZ9RTamyyx2CyuUp8?fbclid=IwAR3_37ehIDNkz8TZ2ilJqth9Wyqp-SOv1JivWaImBiJYtuOQ2457-aV9DDY>

All of our minutes go live at https://unigames.ucc.asn.au/minutes.php.

The minutes from the AGM on 28/2 can be found here<https://unigames.ucc.asn.au/opdocs/minutes/2020/2020-02-28-unigames-agm-minutes.md>.
The minutes from the subsequent committee meeting held 28/2 can be found here<https://unigames.ucc.asn.au/opdocs/minutes/2020/2020-02-28-unigames-minutes.md>.
The minutes from the committee meeting on 28/2 can be found here<https://unigames.ucc.asn.au/opdocs/minutes/2020/2020-03-05-unigames-minutes.md>.
The agenda for the upcoming committee meeting on 12/3 can be found here<https://unigames.ucc.asn.au/opdocs/minutes/Agenda%20for%20next%20meeting/2020-03-12-unigames-agenda.md>.

Upcoming events!

Thursday 12/3 - PAINTING DAY
Let's start the year with some freshly painted miniatures. Feel free to bring your own things to paint/paint with, or you can use the club's resources (you can even paint some of the club's minis!).
Facebook Event<https://www.facebook.com/events/512196363014583/>

Come along for a night of space themed board games. It's sure to be OUT OF THIS WORLD!
Facebook Event<https://www.facebook.com/events/820971528419398/>

Saturday 14/3 - ARTEMIS LAN (A Spaceship Bridge Simulator)
A collab event with UCC and UniSFA! You've been granted permission to board the Artemis! We will be taking part in a simulated drills and scenarios as you take on an Officer's role on board a space-ship! This is a big computer-based LAN game. For more details, check out our:
Facebook Event<https://www.facebook.com/events/200319417849113/>

Unigames hits the streets once again to sell parody newspapers for charities. We're teaming up with UniSFA once again for this iconic UWA event. For more details, check out our:
Facebook Event<https://www.facebook.com/events/223756362350619/>

Contact Unigames
If you want to contact Unigames committee, you can do so through our Facebook page or email us at unigames-owner at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au<mailto:unigames-owner at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au>. Or you can contact me directly at  jo.t.brough at gmail.com<mailto:jo.t.brough at gmail.com>.

Thank you for being part of our great community, and

Be nice, roll dice!
- Autumn Brough
Unigames Secretary 2020

The Unigames Word of Today is: LIGAMENT
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