[Unigames] Unigames Update  THE POST-GAME 30/3

Joseph Brough (21970498) 21970498 at student.uwa.edu.au
Mon Mar 30 22:50:08 AWST 2020

Hi everyone!

Hoping everyone is kicking off a safe and serene week! It's me, your friendly secretary Autumn, here with the latest in Unigames updates.


So, the big news: Cameron Hall is closed for the foreseeable future. For reasons I'm sure you're aware, the call has been made to place a big (metaphorical) padlock on the door. We're sad to lose access to our space and our library, and hope that you are patient along with us.

That doesn't mean the club is dead, oh no! We've jumped straight into running online events, and have in the past week enjoyed our Microscope Worldbuilding Oneshot and Online Dominion Night. These events (along with plenty of other board games, RPGs and wargames, as well as committee meetings) are being run through the club Discord:
Join the Unigames Discord Server!<https://discord.gg/gXrnSvA?fbclid=IwAR27hEA18myxiymoE4kKo_JvlPoA7G_UxEOb1Kb6Ns2d5LALY5qDJxF8ww8>
Check out the Unigames community on Discord - hang out with 177 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.
If you're looking for fun or for chats, check out our Discord and keep an eye on our upcoming events.

All of our minutes go live at https://unigames.ucc.asn.au/minutes.php.

The minutes from the committee meeting on 19/3 can be found here<https://unigames.ucc.asn.au/opdocs/minutes/2020/2020-03-19-unigames-minutes.md>.
The minutes from the committee meeting on 26/3 can be found here<https://unigames.ucc.asn.au/opdocs/minutes/2020/2020-03-26-unigames-minutes.md>.

Upcoming events!

It's creepy, it's mysterious, it's Call of Cthulhu. This classic RPG uncovers to you the terrifying underworld of cosmic horrors and tentacled... things. Our online oneshot is beginner-friendly, and our entirely human GMs will be happy to take you through the steps of creating a character and playing through their sinister worlds. Happening on Discord!
Facebook Event<https://www.facebook.com/events/140434700745491/>

Due to COVID-19 Prosh has been moved completely online! The Prosh newspaper itself is available right now at bit.ly/PROSH2020<https://bit.ly/PROSH2020?fbclid=IwAR3Q025CHmDo4Z5SbtRwtJE8T8m0mNnbG9NkOY4d-QxcAaqnBablYdd5t6o> for any donation. The Prosh team are also holding a contest (with prizes!) to help keep the spirit going - they're asking fans to submit original memes and other creations to them by 8/4 to be in the running. For full instructions, check out the:
Facebook Event<https://www.facebook.com/events/140434700745491/>

Contact Unigames
If you want to contact Unigames committee, you can do so through our Facebook page or email us at uwaunigames at gmail.com<mailto://[email protected]>.

Thank you for being part of our great community, and

Be nice, roll dice!
- Autumn Brough
Unigames Secretary 2020

The Unigames Word of Today is: APPENDICES

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