[tech] morwong - pt1

Simon Fryer fryers at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Sat Apr 15 04:14:21 WST 2000


> A while ago Grahame Bowland tapped:

> On Fri, Apr 14, 2000 at 02:28:20AM +0800, Simon Fryer wrote:

> > If someone has not already optimised morwongs sendmail.cf file for no 
> > spam relaying can someone please do so?
> Okay, I fixed the Muttrc as it had started thinking addresses were 
> at gu.uwa.edu.au :-)

Ok, this is weird. 

> In other news, it now has the GNU fileutils (ls, cp, ... install) in 
> /usr/local/bin. These are useful to have around. I've also installed 
> a tonne of other free and much used stuff (gcc 2.8.1, will try for 
> 2.9.x but I keep running out of hard drive space.)

Umm, did you use GCC or CC. CC is far better on morwong. I started on findutils
last night but, after bashing the configure script to ignore gcc I had 
compilation problems and then decided it was late enough and went to bed. 

Have you set up a cron job to run updatedb? 

> Dispense is installed, but I'm still trying to figure how the server 
> can be configured to trust morwong. I also made it do the UCC motd 
> stuff today.


See Ya

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