[tech] New Cameras in UCC

Alex Dawson alex.dawson at uwa.edu.au
Tue May 12 15:41:03 WST 2009

We had a laptop stolen from Arts, and they were happy to kick in doors  
in Ellenbrook on the basis of a screenshot from a server of ours  
showing an IP address.

We got it back.

After the second door.

The first people were apparently quite understanding.

On 12/05/2009, at 3:37 PM, Jacques Chester wrote:

> On 12/05/2009, at 3:26 PM, James Andrewartha wrote:
>> On Tue, 12 May 2009, Anil Sharma <Grand Poobah Maset> wrote:
>>> Are these cameras of a sufficient quality to be useful to the  
>>> police / public
>>> prosecutors?
>>> I doubt it.
>> To be used as evidence in court unlikely, to identify the thief well
>> enough to execute a warrant, perhaps. IANAL. Jacques, Scott?
> That's what I would expect. Remember also that police are also very
> good at arresting people for probable cause and getting them to
> 'fess up. Or getting their friends to 'fess up. And so on.
> It's a bit like debugging. The useless error message from GCC may
> not point directly to the solution, but it's the first piece of the
> puzzle.
> Cheers,
> JC.
> IAARLSNAL (recovering law student, not a lawyer).

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