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Notice to All Unigames Members

The Annual General Meeting will be held on *Friday the 3rd of March 2017,
1PM - 3PM, in the Guild Council Meeting Room*.

*Unigames AGM Agenda 2017 *

   1. Introductions
   2. Reports
      - President – Ruisi Chen
      - Vice President – Ahmed Kandil
      - Treasurer – Taylor Home
      - Secretary – Liam Spence
      - Librarian – Edward Kammann
      - Fresher Representative – Gavin Tay Fernandez
      - OCM – Donald Sutherland
      - OCM – Benjamin Slusarczyk
      - OCM – Liam Runciman
   3. Appointment of Returning Officers
   4. Suspension of Standing Orders
   5. Voting
      - President
      - Fresher Rep
      - Vice President
      - Treasurer
      - Secretary
      - Librarian
      - 3 Ordinary Committee Members
   6. Reinstate Standing Orders
   7. Constitutional Change
      - Proposition to amend article 12.1.1 of the Unigames Constitution,
      to bring the wording in line with Guild Policy
      - Current wording:
         - 12.1.1 Both the officers and the members shall be responsible
         for such compliance, and shall be deemed liable in the event on
         non-compliance there with
      - Proposed wording:
         - 12.1.1 All Office Bearers and committee members shall be jointly
         and severally responsible for such compliance, and shall be
deemed liable
         in the event of noncompliance therewith
      8. General Business
   9. End

*Important Notes: *

   - First time members are encouraged to come, it's not as intimidating as
   the agenda makes it seem (if you don't know where the meeting room is,
   congregate around the clubroom 15-20 minutes prior and there will be a
   convoy to the meeting room)
   - From the Fresher Representative

“You should definitely come to the AGM and run for Fresher Rep in 2017.
Being fresher rep has been my opportunity to meet with all the cool new
people in the club. It also gives you a chance to be on committee and have
your say in what the club does for the year. I’ve made my best friends at
uni from the people on committee and my fellow freshers. So, as many of you
should come on down and run for fresher rep or at least vote for the new

   - You *MUST have current membership for 2017* to be able to vote
      -  Please* sign-up before* the start of the AGM as to make the most
      efficient use of time
      - Bring your student card with 2017 membership sticker (these will be
   - *Rules for Proxy Votes*
      - Members may only submit a proxy (absentee) vote if they have
      previously been a member of the club for 42 days prior to the AGM
      - If you are unable to be physically present at the AGM, please send
      in your proxy votes/nominations to the secretary by 12PM on the
day of the
      AGM. Follow the guideline below:
         - Your full name
         - Sepcify which committee position
         - Specify the names of the people you want to nominate/vote for,
         for that position (it's n-1 voting, so if there are 5
candidates, you can
         vote for up to 4 candidates)
      - Secretary: Liam Spence (21929428 at student.uwa.edu.au)
   - If you are thinking of running for a committee position, email the
   Secretary and we'll compile a list of who is running for what position to
   benefit proxy voters
      - If you are a nominee who cannot be present, you may send your
      speech with a friend who will give it on your behalf, if you do
not have a
      friend email your speech to the Secretary and a friend will be
provided for
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