[Unigames] UNIGAMES NEWSLETTER 6 - Legend of the Five Digest

Gavin Tay Fernandez 21979092 at student.uwa.edu.au
Tue May 23 12:48:18 AWST 2017

LEGEND OF THE FIVE DIGEST - Unigames Newsletter 6

Don't question the title. It's perfect. Camp Tickets are on sale soon look
forward to that! The theme is Droid and Druids.

25th of May: New Board Games Night: 3pm Onwards
Week 13: Game of Thrones: Last Oneshot for Semester
June 30th to July 3rd: CAMP: Droids and Druids.

Join Unigames Facebook Group to View Events Page: https://www.facebook.com

As always attached are the minutes.

*Contact Unigames* committee through our Facebook Page or Email
21979092 at student.uwa.edu.au
(This is Secretary Gavin Tay Fernandez's email - we're using it for now
until we get things fixed)
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